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From STRONG founder and World’s Ultimate Strongman co-creator Mark Boyd, comes an all-inclusive and exceptional functional strength training guide – STRONG: The Fundamentals, to start your journey into the world of strength training using strongman fundamental movements.

In STRONG: The FundamentalsBoyd explores the history and foundation of strongman movements and provides comprehensive lessons that serve as the ultimate training guide to start your journey as a strength athlete.


  • Transform your training routine with STRONG – 8 comprehensive lessons , each outlining the fundamental moves of the sport. Detailed with step-by-step pictures and dos and don’ts at the end of every lesson.


  • Understand what it means to train with strongman movements – Detailed chapters on the foundation of the sport, the historical importance and the aspects of strength training allows you to truly understand the functional strength movements.


  • STRONG aesthetics in a quality guide – The clean design and well-categorized approach makes this training guide easy to follow and do on your own timeline. Well categorized lessons help you create your own training session at your own will.
  • Digital form for versatile use – STRONG: Fundamentals comes as an e-book to be easily accessible on digital platforms and everyday use on our smart devices. It's also print ready if you want to have with with you at all times physically. 


STRONG: The Fundamentals is the ultimate guide to become stronger both in mind and body. Equally educational and enlightening, this guide will inspire you to achieve your goal of becoming stronger and more functional.